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5 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall

Are you looking to sell your home this fall? Getting your home ready to sell can feel overwhelming. From making sure the outside is looking top notch, to having the inside decluttered and staged, it can be a lot! While the fall can be a harder time to sell vs spring and summer, these tips can help you sell your home.

  1. Setting the mood. Add some fall decorations to help set the feel for fall. Pumpkins, a beautiful door wreath, and planters with mums can really set the mood! Because fall brings leaves, make sure they are raked, your bushes are trimmed and your front door is swept of all dirt and leaves.
  2. Hints of fall.Decorating inside with some splashes of fall colors is a nice touch to add. Neutral tones always work best when trying to not overwhelm potential home buyers. Using pillows, throw blankets, and centerpieces are a great way to add touches of fall to your home.
  3. Scents of fall.Home scents can attract or detour home buyers. Having pumpkin spice or apple pie scents in your home will add another layer of fall to your home, giving potential home buyers an idea of what fall could be like in the home. Buyers love to envision themselves in their potential home. 
  4. Don’t be left in the dark. Make sure lights are either left on when you leave or have your lights set on a timer. With days being shorter, you don’t want buyers walking up to a dark porch or walking into a dark house. Having all rooms lit with overhead lighting and  lamps is a nice added touch! Have all blinds and curtains open for natural light for day time showings. Well-lit homes are an attraction for buyers.
  5. Fall cleaning. Have your windows and fireplace cleaned and ready for winter to be proactive. You gutters should be clean of any debris from spring storms. Have your heater checked will have you ready for any home inspections.

Many of these suggestions can be used regardless of the season. By having your home market ready, you can be confident that you are doing what you can to have your home ready for a buyer!

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